• The Topological Transformation of Trefoil Knots to Solomon Links via Diels−Alder Click Reaction

    Haitong Tang, Hai-Ning Zhang, Xiang Gao, Yan Zou, Guo-Xin Jin*

    DOI: 10.1021/jacs.4c03019 

  • Efficient and Selective Construction of 421 Metalla-links Using Weak C-H···Halogen Interactions

    Hai-Ning Zhang†, Xi Huang†, Guo-Xin Jin*

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  • Selective Construction and Structural Transformation of Homogeneous Linear Metalla[4]catenane and Metalla[2]catenane Assemblies

    Wei-Long Shan*, Huan-Huan Hou, Nian Si, Cai-Xia Wang, Guozan Yuan, Xiang Gao, Guo-Xin Jin*

    Angew.Chem.Int.Ed. 2024, 63, DOI:10.1002/anie.202402198

  • Stereoselective Self-Assembly of Chiral Metalla[2]Catenanes and Lemniscular Macrocycles

    Shu-Jin Bao, Hai-Ning Zhang, Guo-Xin Jin*

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  • Formation and reactivity of a unique M/C–H interaction stabilized by carborane cages

    Xin-Ran Liu,‡a Peng-Fei Cui,‡a Yago Garc´ıa-Rodeja,b Miquel Sol`a b and Guo-Xin Jin

    DOI: 10.1039/d4sc01158a

  • Selective B(3)-H activation without auxiliary reagents affording multinuclear Ir(III) complexes with (o-carboranyl)dithioester ligands

    Yong-Xiao Zhu, Run-Ze Yuan, Hai-Ning Zhang, Guo-Xin Jin*

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  • A synthetic strategy of organometallic supramolecular bridged compounds and spirocyclic compounds featuring half-sandwich Cp*Rh units

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