• Construction of a molecular prime link by interlocking two trefoil knots
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  • Highly Selective Separation of Benzene and Cyclohexane in a Spatially Confined Carborane Metallacage
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  • Stereoselective Self-Assembly of Complex Chiral Radial [5]Catenanes Using Half-Sandwich Rhodium/Iridium Building Blocks
      Zheng Cui, Xiang Gao, Yue-Jian Lin, Guo-Xin Jin*
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  • Highly selective synthesis and near-infrared photothermal conversion of metalla-Borromean ring and [2]catenane assemblies
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  • Rational Design and Integrative Assembly of Heteromeric Metalla[2]Catenanes Featuring Cp*Ir/Rh Fragments
      Dong Liu, Ye Lu, Yue-Jian Lin, Guo-Xin Jin*
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  • Guest encapsulation and self-assembly of a box-like metalla-rectangle featuring Cp*Rh fragments
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